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life overhaul
This all encompassing programme covers assorted aspects of life.

Transform your life from health (mind, body and soul), through finances, values and relationships. You will receive a customized reading list, general action plan, and a sensible exercise plan. This may begin with an assessment incorporating tests, possible screening for osteoporosis risk, dysbiosis metabolic markers, gluten intolerance, blood group if not known and include any other necessary screening. This course also includes:

  • Email support over 6 months including our free email newsletter.
  • 9 one hour sessions with Fiona McKenzie, that can be split in sessions of 1 or ½ hour.
  • Relationship seminar run by Fiona McKenzie
  • “Homoeopathy for common ailments” seminar run by Fiona McKenzie.
  • As part of the special package you may bring one other person on these courses at no extra charge.
  • Bonus for your well-being – 8 months of chlorella and 1 hour bonus session if you pay in full up front
  • A surprise present that is for your benefit as well.

Health Skills
A holistic and homoeopathic approach is the “whole body” philosophy. What is stopping your body functioning at its optimum. It might be lack of nutrients, a mental attitude, an excess of toxicity in the body or a slow metabolism.
You may need to undergo a deep tissue cleanse or liver detoxification, shedding the stones that accumulate. If you take supplements these are assessed for efficacy, other options explored, or the need for any even. Nutrition will be explored and a deeper understanding of what we do to our bodies. Learn how to work in harmony with your body, not against it.

Time management skills:
Do you feel stressed with too much to do? How well do your work? Is your energy high? Do you have good concentration? If you know that you are not making the most of yourself or your day then the MOT programme is something that will really help you to develop techniques for moving forward and sorting the areas that need focus.

Many people feel that things could be more constructive at home. They lack quality time with a partner/spouse? They are conscious that the relationship is not as passionate as it used to be. If you have children how do you allocate time with them? What sort of adults will they become if they model yours?
Learn and understand what makes others tick and how to relate to them in a more effective manner.

Values and Priorities:
What is really important to you? Very often people say one thing but when they sit down to really ponder the matter they realise that in fact it is either something else entirely or they have completely neglected an area they do in fact value highly. What you wish to achieve in your life? Where are really putting your time and energy? Where do you wish to be in five years time? Have you written a plan?

This programme will help you manage your money better, find ways to bring more income into your life, to manage the money you currently have better and to begin to enjoy the whole process. Money is a fun tool for enjoying life and many of us have no idea how to make it work for us!

Email coaching:
Receive hints twice a week about what to do to improve aspects of your life. Your aspirations and needs are encouraged by emails which address your own issues. They are fun, useful and stimulating.

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