Fiona McKenzie London Practice: 020 7229 6689
Cheltenham Practice: 01242 890 532
about fiona mckenzie
about fiona    
As one of Tatler’s “Top 250 Private Doctors” Fiona McKenzie
works with clients ranging from celebrities to teenagers and
working mothers.
For over 18 years, she has been helping people to reduce their stress, enhance their energy and retore the focus, joy and health in their lives.

Fiona’s unique approach to well-being is based on her training in homoeopathy, coaching and psychology. Using empathy and empowerment she has helped people around the world achieve their goals and dreams. Thanks to her holistic approach to good health, Fiona’s clients also benefit from restored vitality and increased energy levels.

Fiona sees clients in her London consulting rooms in Notthing Hill and also in the tranquil setting of the Cotswolds. She also offers special Well-being Retreats at boutique hotels, both in Britain and abroad. With many clients living and travelling internationally, Fiona regularly consults by telephone and email, given even the busiest individuals the chance to benefit from her expertise.

Fiona’s clients describe her as “sensitive and caring” and say that her treaments have “made a huge difference” to their lives. In today’s hectic and stressful world it is all to easy to lose sight of what really matters. Take a little time for yourself and make a first step on the path to well-being.

To find out more about how to bring the happiness and energy back into your life contact Fiona McKenzie
on: 020 7229 6689 or 01242 890 532 or by email at

“I have known Fiona McKenzie for over 15 years and in that time have found her determination to source the principals of good health to be very impressive. Fiona has always been consistent and conscientious with all who are lucky enough to be treated by her and she has always “walked her own talk” as an individual. Anyone looking to improve their existing health, or indeed suffering form any ailment (physical or psychological) should seriously consider Fiona as a powerful practitioner” (BDI, London)
spacer When I commenced a course of chemotherapy for breast cancer I turned to Fiona McKenzie for homoeopathic treatment. She was so balanced in her approach and supportive of what I chose to do.

Her advice was logical and her treatments made a huge difference to how my body coped with the poisons of the chemotherapy. Even the oncologists remarked on the fact that I retained my hair so well, especially compared to other patients on such high doses.

Mrs R, NY, USA


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