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Luxury country house hotel breaks:

This weekend offers an unparalleled opportunity to take charge of your life in the stunning and tranquil setting of the a few select country house hotels. Workshops will alternate with relaxation, activities and fine food. You will leave feeling renewed, inspired and fully prepared to make your life everything it should be. Depending on the location there will also be opportunities for yoga, cookery and photography.

These are being planned for 2011/2012 and will take place in Devon, Cornwall, Hampshire, the Lake District and South Africa.

NO MORE PLACES AVAILABLE. Further seminars to be arranged for 2012, please email us to express an interest. Contact form here.

If you’d like to find out more about our retreats, check out what the Hotel Endsleigh will be offering in 2012.

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“I have known Fiona McKenzie for over 15 years and in that time have found her determination to source the principals of good health to be very impressive. Fiona has always been consistent and conscientious with all who are lucky enough to be treated by her and she has always “walked her own talk” as an individual. Anyone looking to improve their existing health, or indeed suffering form any ailment (physical or psychological) should seriously consider Fiona as a powerful practitioner” (BDI, London)

Homoeopathic workshops:

At this class I’ll be revealing all my most effective remedies and sharing top tips for diagnosing illness and prescribing the correct homeopathic solution.

These take place in London and the Cotswolds and last about 2 ½ hours.

  • How to easily prescribe the most effective homeopathic remedies for you and your family
  • Homeopathic remedies specifically for children and their common health complaints
  • How to treat simple illnesses such as coughs, colds, onset of flu, sprains, upset stomachs,
    digestive complaints... and even hangovers!
  • Using homeopathic remedies for stress-related issues such as anxiety and nervous anticipation
    (e.g. prior to exams)
  • Scientific proof that homeopathic remedies work!
  • How often to prescribe and what strength/potency to choose (this is important!)
  • PLUS - Find out about 18 different remedies suitable for treating anything from food poisoning
    to a common cold!
You’ll get all this and loads more in a value-packed 2 ½ hours!

Contact Fiona McKenzie for further details:

Here’s what just a few previous attendees have said:

“The course completely changed my attitude to addressing illness and symptoms. Fiona made it so clear that homoeopathy investigates and treats the specific symptoms experienced by an individual rather than merely trying to identify the illness.” Mrs A. H., Norfolk.

“This short course was very instructive. I hadn’t realised it was so holistic, with wide-ranging remedies for a variety of physical and emotional problems. I am really pleased to have a good alternative to chemically based medication.” Mrs H.M., Wilts.

“I really enjoyed your course last week. Thank you so much. You were so inspirational and explained it all so clearly. I have also given my husband a remedy for some niggles and he seems impressed!” Mrs P, W11.

Communication/relationship seminars:

Attend this 5 hour workshop in London or the Cotswolds (with lunch included) and find out how to make things better and develop tools for taking your relationship to an outstanding level of love, fun, laughter, passion and intimacy. Learn about polarity, neutrality, the essential nature of honoring the female and also the male essence and the importance of celebrating each other and your differences.

Become aware of the rules that we each bring to a relationship and discover ways to change or build on those.

This course is also suitable for those not currently in a relationship.

“I attended the course with a certain amount of trepidation. I didn’t want to talk about “my” relationship but wanted to learn how to make things better. There was so much really useful material, constructive things to do and discuss with my wife. Thank you. We are both feeling much more positive now and I only wish the course had been a whole day as there was so much to cover” Mr. RW, Cambs.

“As you well know I was bereft and not sure I would benefit from the day. I am so glad I attended. The course gave me a great insight into what had gone wrong and why. If only I had attended it months ago. I now have very constructive tools for my next relationship. Many thanks”
Miss EG, USA.

“It was a great group. No pressure to discuss ‘intimate’ stuff but a willingness to support one another and look at ourselves critically and learn about other perspectives. Great day.”
Mrs K, NW1.

“I really enjoyed the course and found it very useful. It actually clarified my view that my relationship with J was not right and helped me to end it before it went on any longer. That was a good thing, because I have no regrets about getting him out of my life and realise he was a very negative presence that I surely do not need! I thought the course worked, the notebook and outline were helpful too. There was masses to absorb” Mrs H, W8.

spacer I was really lacking direction, energy and I suppose any sense of purpose when I attended one of Fiona's courses. She is logical, sensible, wise and really made the hugest direction. I am so glad I went to spend those hours with her – it's made a dramatic change, for the better, to my life. If you get the chance to work with her don’t turn it down.

Mrs I.S. Glos

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