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Detoxification capacity test:
Efficient functioning of detoxification pathways is critical for maintaining health and preventing illness. The body needs to contendwith toxins from many sources, including chemicals from air, water, food and drugs. It also must deal with toxic metabolic waste products from the body’s own processes.

Who should use the Detoxification Capacity Test?
The liver’s ability to detoxify is critical for health. Certain people are more at risk than others for impaired detoxification and increased health problems:

Symptoms suggesting the Detoxification Capacity Test include: allergies, or sinus problems; chronic fatigue; fibromyalgia; gastronintestinal problems; joint pain/ liver problems, neurological disease.
spacer What does the test measure?
For most toxins, the process of preparation for excretion involves two phases in the liver. In Phase I (oxidation) substrates are oxidized to become more reactive. In Phase II (conjugation), conjugated toxic compound become more water-soluble so that the products can be more easily transported to the kidney and excreted in urine. When these two phases are out of balance, the body is at greater risk of illness. This test using saliva and urine samples provides customized intervention recommendations for improved detoxification capacity based on the individual test results.
deep cleansing  
Deep tissue cleansing: “We grease and oil ourmotor vehicles regularly but we neglect the most important and complex piece of machinery known to the human race – our bodies.

Perhaps best explained by a client:

I had reached the age of 38 and found my metabolism had slowed down, I felt sluggish, concentration was falling away and I generally felt the ageing process starting to kick in, not to mention the thighs and stomach line beginning to thicken!

Diets didn’t work and the yo yo process of losing and gaining weight had begun in earnest. I was looking for something more than just a fad diet – I was looking for a change in the way I lived my life – along came the cleanse.

I embarked upon the 7 day cleanse program under the supervision of my homeopathic physician, Fiona McKenzie. I felt uneasy about some aspects of the cleanse, but Fiona was able to put me at ease and was available for consultation to discuss aspects of the treatment whilst I was doing it and advise on my experiences.

The result was an overall weight reduction of 9 kilos, over a period of 6-8 weeks. The main areas of my physique to benefit from the weight loss were my hips and thighs (and not my breasts!!).

How often have you tried to lose weight only to find the place it moves from is the place you least want to lose…..and we all end up looking like pears?!!!

During the treatment I continued working and managed the combination of the two well.”

Miss B, Australia

Cleansing the liver and gall bladder from gallstones is one of the most important and powerful tools toimprove your health. This cleanse requires 6 days of preparation but no great restrictions during that time. It is not advisable to undertake it unless you have already carried out a seven day deep tissue cleanse. It is best undertaken with supervision which can be provided over the phone by Fiona McKenize.

“For years I had suffered from extremely uncomfortable bloating and had the beginnings of an irritable bowel (that’s what pushed me to come to you). I’d been to a homoeopath many times who’d put me on diets and prescribed drops none of which were very effective -this differentiates you from any old homoeopath! After one packet of little white pills from Fiona and a course of special clay drinks for a month to help my stomach everything changed for good. That was three years ago and I am still well” (Mrs M, Hants)

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